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EU warns against blaming Iran for oil tanker attacks

Top EU diplomats meeting in Luxembourg on Monday said they were still seeking information about who may have launched attacks against two oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. The gathering comes amid escalating tensions between the US and Iran. It also follows Tehran’s announcement that it plans to breach a 2015 nuclear deal struck with international powers. Where does ... Read More »

US says new photos show Iran attacked tankers

The US Department of Defense announced that it was releasing several new photos that it said prove Iranian forces were behind the attacks on tankers in the Gulf of Oman last week. Tehran has consistently denied involvement. According to the Pentagon, the photos were taken from a Navy helicopter and show some of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards removing a mine from ... Read More »

Egypt’s former President Mohammed Morsi dies in court

Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s former president, died Monday after collapsing during a session in court, state television reported. The 67-year-old was the country’s first democratically elected president and a member of Egypt’s most powerful Islamist group, the now banned Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi was on trial for espionage and had just addressed the court when he blacked out, reports said. He was ... Read More »

First Bangladeshi expat gets UAE permanent residency ‘Golden Visa’

As the company celebrates 38 years in the country. Mohammed Mahtabur Rahman, Chairman and Managing Director of Al Haramain Group of Companies, Chairman of NRB Bank Ltd and President of Bangladesh Business Council in Dubai, has become the first Bangladeshi expat to be awarded the UAE permanent residency ‘Golden Visa’. Also read: Indian tycoons among first to get UAE Golden ... Read More »

We Have Five Years To Save Ourselves From Climate Change, Harvard Scientist Says

The level of carbon now in the atmosphere hasn’t been seen in 12 million years, a Harvard scientist said in Chicago Thursday, and this pollution is rapidly pushing the climate back to its state in the Eocene Epoch, more than 33 million years ago, when there was no ice on either pole. “We have exquisite information about what that state ... Read More »

India is the most depressed country in the world

We don’t talk about it as much as we talk about other diseases, but you’ll be shocked to know that 300 million people worldwide are suffering from depression. Depression and bad mental health have been ignored as a serious issue since ages. But, do you know, depression can also lead to death if it gets worst? When it comes to ... Read More »

Hong Kong protests: Activists praised for clearing away rubbish and parting crowds for ambulances.

Hong Kong protesters have been praised for working through the night to clear away rubbish left by millions of people and leaving streets spotless. After the protest – estimated to be attended by 2 million people, making it the largest in the territory’s history – protesters returned in the middle of the night to clean up the streets. “Occupiers are ... Read More »

Indian Media Now Claims That Narendra Modi Is The ‘2nd Janam’ Of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan And This Is Too Much!

So, according to a report on an Indian TV channel, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan has reincarnated into the world, as none other than, the butcher of Gujrat, Narendra Modi. Yes, you heard that right. Sir Syed as taken a rebirth, as The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi: And just when you are going to dismiss it, considering a piece of ... Read More »

India continue unbeaten streak against Pakistan at World Cup

India extended their unblemished World Cup record against Pakistan after Rohit Sharma’s century and tidy bowling secured their 89-run victory via the Duckworth-Lewis method in the tournament’s most anticipated group match on Sunday. India set Pakistan a 337-run target to chase down. However, after a spell of rain interrupted the Pakistan innings in the 35th over, the target was adjusted ... Read More »

Norway’s $1 trillion wealth fund to remain invested in Big Oil stocks

Oslo has said the oil fund will only shed its stakes in oil and gas explorers and producers. It was widely expected that the world's biggest sovereign fund would dump all of its oil and gas investments for good. The Norwegian government said on Friday its $1 trillion asset manager— the world's biggest sovereign fund — will sell its stake in oil and gas explorers and producers but will continue to invest in energy companies that have refineries and are engaged in distribution and retail sales of oil and gas products. The announcement means the fund will remain invested in Big Oil companies such as Shell, BP, Total and ExxonMobil, in which it owns significant stakes. Oslo said the move is based solely on financial considerations and that it does not reflect any particular view of the oil industry's future prospects. Return on the fund's investment in oil and gas stocks fell 9.5 percent last year. Norway's central bank, which manages the mammoth fund, has long maintained that the divestment was aimed at reducing the country's exposure to the energy sector. The fund is used to invest the proceeds of the country's oil and gas industry, amounting to more than 20 percent of Norway's revenue. "The Government is proposing to exclude companies classified as exploration and production companies within the energy sector from the Government Pension Fund Global," the finance ministry said in a statement. "The objective is to reduce the vulnerability of our common wealth to a permanent oil price decline." It was widely expected that the fund would dump all of its oil and gas investments for good. Norges Bank, the central bank, had in 2017 proposed a total divestment of oil and gas stocks. The fund had holdings worth around $37 billion — 5.9 percent of its total equity investments — in the oil sector at the end of last year. But a bulk of that amount is invested in integrated oil companies that are engaged in everything from exploration to selling fuel at the roadside. 'Missed opportunity' Norway's decision evoked mixed feelings among climate activists, who were expecting Oslo to go the whole hog. "It's a lost opportunity," Martin Norman of Greenpeace's Norwegian chapter told DW. "We are running against time and Norway had a chance to move fast but instead decided to move slowly." Norman, however, said the Norwegian government's announcement was a "step in the right direction" that would prompt other investors to back away from fossil fuels. "The government has acknowledged the problem of over exposure to oil," he said. "But I disagree with the medicine they are prescribing."

Oslo has said the oil fund will only shed its stakes in oil and gas explorers and producers. It was widely expected that the world’s biggest sovereign fund would dump all of its oil and gas investments for good. The Norwegian government said on Friday its $1 trillion asset manager— the world’s biggest sovereign fund — will sell its stake ... Read More »

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