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Two Losers

Two Losers

Amer Ishaq Soharwardi
It was evident but no one believes that it could come so quickly. Ever hated word war was crafted in such a way that it potentially becomes cancer. With human race entering into news phases all the advancements and inventions now seems to help one word “War”. Historic human bargains either in the form of individual efforts or collective deals were never intended to reach to conclusive peace. A peace which can grow and incorporate more peace, which can extend without the help of any thought, any motive or any venture. A peace that can really last independently but can human race do that? Do they have the ability? Do power-hungry despots, monarch and democratic dictators really allow the human race to do that?
Centuries seems very grand but in contrast to human existence in this planet looks tiny. The only two types of human race has the same relationship existing from millenniums, the powerful and the powerless there is no third category which ever existed in human race there is not a single war between these two classes of human race, but the wars are fought between the power-hungry all-powerful elite and the poor and less fortunate were used as fuels.
The biggest killer of humankind is the European colonization of Americas as a result of this the estimated death toll is 100 million humans, world war two killed 72 million humans while world war one killed 65 million people. Across Europe between crusades and holocaust several hundred humans were killed and do you know how many people were tried in courts for killing innocent people historically second to none. The warfare since First World War has turned in to industry and that war industry will be the one great fact which will destroy the human race.
Imperialists lead to colonialism and although historically it has ended we all know that it has never ended it has converted. The industrial revolution supports humankind as so many inventions and so many products were human-friendly. The rapid expansion of medicine industry also helped humans to fight against many deadly diseases. Lust of power led to world war one and two and the cold war and the war on terror and the war to be fought in future of human race if there is.
Let us examine one more aspect of how commercialism breeds wars, guns were made for security purpose, then they were used in hunting and when the cost of production comes down there was a mass production drive and from there starts the present dark age of humankind, most wars are fought either to sell more weapons or to see the utilization and ambit of destruction of weapons. The gains were seen as for few governments but history now reveals that the gains were too few companies and for few individuals.
The second historical fact comes from the pharmaceutical industry. Medicines are made to cure and it was like that till the pioneer humanity symbol was converted into an industry, it was widely believed till it was revealed to humankind that most pharma companies are investing more on germ production and less on medicines research. So now every day we see new advanced forms of the disease. From malaria till dengue the story is never-ending. From Fog to Smog the story is ever developing.
Let us think for a second is it really the fate of the world or is it the power hunger of few which is causing all this, now we have more weapons guns and bullets then we have humans. The nuclear arsenal can destroy this world for several hundred times. The emergence of various terror groups who were functional in few states is now converted into homegrown terror. The UNleashed monster is now striking everywhere and no concrete methodology is developed by anyone (from the US to UN) to fight to win this war. No alternate methodology is developed to fight this war. The world has failed in solving global issues militarily now this is the time to sit together seriously otherwise the group of few will emerge once again and a few years from now we will be asking the same question, are we winning this war and they will reply,, we need more fuel and human race will be used again as fuel. What is this human race will ask and the answer would be Clash of civilization. If this does not satisfy the race then there can be other answers like new war on terror, new crusade, and new extremism and they go on with new definitions of war. As humans, we need to understand that this earth is our first and last home and if we go on with the tendency of encouraging war in different types the last homeland will vanish. Leaving behind only two losers the powerless and the powerful.

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