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Japan’s 105-year-old ‘Golden Bolt’ makes world record

Japan’s 105-year-old ‘Golden Bolt’ makes world record

In a stunning feat, a 105-year-old Japanese sprinter claimed the world record for his age category in the 100 meter dash. Social media users have called “Golden Bolt” – the runner’s alias – a source of motivation.
Hidechi Miyazaki – better known by his alias “Golden Bolt” after Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt – made it into the Guinness World Records on Wednesday after running 100 meters in 42.22 seconds. That equates to an average speed of just over 5 miles per hour, or 8.5 kilometers per hour – less than one-quarter of the pace 29-year-old Bolt sustains.
The 105-year-old sprinter from Japan’s tea-growing Shizuoka prefecture set the record in the over-105 age category, an age division that had no previous record.
According to national daily newspaper Sankei Shimbun, Miyazaki was born in 1910, and had no experience with sports prior to turning 92 years old.
Miyazaki struck Bolt’s famous pose after crossing the finish line on Wednesday, a month ahead of the Japanese Masters Championships, which he will be competing in.
“My brain might not be the sharpest but physically I’m tip-top. I’ve never had any health problems. The doctors are amazed by me,” Miyazaki told AFP news agency after claiming the victory.
“I can definitely keep on running for another two or three years,” Miyazaki said after setting himself the target of completing the 100-meter dash within 35 seconds.
Social media users commended “Golden Bolt” with some calling him a source of motivation.
Japan has the highest life expectancy of major countries around the world, and is struggling with its aging population, with one out of four citizens aged 65 and over .
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