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Libyan prime minister Abdullah al-Thinni announces resignation

Libyan prime minister Abdullah al-Thinni announces resignation

Libya’s internationally recognized prime minister Abdullah al-Thinni said in a television interview that he would resign. But the Libyan government has denied the claims.
Libya’s Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni announced on a private Libyan television station that he would resign – a claim which the official government denied.
“I officially resign and I will submit my resignation to the House of Representatives on Sunday,” he told “Libya channel”, a private TV station in an interview broadcast late on Tuesday, official news agency LANA reported.
During the TV interview, Thinni became angry when the host presented him with questions he said he had collected from viewers, who had criticized Thinni for a lack of security and aid for people displaced by Libya’s chaotic regime.
When the presenter asked Thinni what he would do if there were protests in reaction, he replied: “People do not need to protest against me because I officially resign from my position.”
It was unclear, however, whether Thinni’s resignation was to be taken seriously, as critics have repeatedly said Thinni’s cabinet put out statements that had no relevance.
Exile government
Thinni has been based in a remote eastern city since his government fled Tripoli a year ago after the capital was seized by an armed group that set up a rival administration.
His cabinet, working out of hotels, had struggled to make an impact in the remote eastern city of Bayda, while citizens complained about disorder, shortages of fuel and hospital drugs as well as a worsening security situation.
Ministries and key state buildings in Tripoli have been under control of the rival administration, which has not been recognized by world powers. The United Nations have tried to bring belligerent fractions together under a unity government – to no end so far.
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